Tuesday, November 12, 2013


One of my favorite You-tubers/vloggers are Kalel and Anthony's channel, Watchusliveandstuff.
 I think it would so cool to be a vlogger but I mean what would I talk about? My life is pretty boring ATM. 

But I mean it would be so so awesome to start a channel and vlog and do some photography based videos! 
If I do end up making a vlogging channel I will post it here!


In other news I just got a a really cool mask that I cannot wait to take pictures (: 
 I haven't been able to take pictures in quite awhile, school and work have taken a lot of time away from pictures/ideas.

And recently here in the weird weather state of Michigan it has snowed the past two days.
 Which then cancelled my plans for outdoor shoot :/ 

Well hopefully I'll be posting here real soon! 


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