Friday, March 29, 2013

Umbrella/Nerf battle royal

I'm leaving tomorrow at 5:30 am for my youth group missions trip!
I am so so nervous and excited! I know I will have fun, I just have to battle satan first.
 Being away -far- away from home scares me... normally it doesn't but I am a little freaked out over this! 
I will only be posting short little posts due to I want to hang out with the people I am with on this trip...

So besides that, here's so new pictures!
Blown away.
We set up outside, nice and windy with my little brother Jacob and his Nerf gun and my umbrella!
So much fun, jumping off the chair and looking amazing!
Nerf battle!
I have so much fun playing around with lighting and Jacob doesn't like to model so it was short on his end!

Lots of fun,

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Count me in with the dreamers.

 The other night I was looking out my window at the light coming in, I whipped out my camera, wireless shutter, suitcase and my tripod!
 I think my favorite "Prop" to shoot with is a suitcase!! :)
I am really excited to try and find a trunk or a REALLY big fish tank for props!

 I just bought this peach dress a couple of days ago and I could not wait to use it!
It was warmer then expected and I didn't freeze, (Thank goodness!) I am so thankful for Goodwill!!! <3

Hiding behind love, love lies.
 This photo is basically based off of a Brooke Shaden picture, I LOVE her work and I can now appreciate how much work goes into these edits!
The wind was a little hard to work with but in the end just had to deal with it...

I love over doing my pictures but most people don't like the feel of "Over edited" I am OK with this though!
 Hope you had a great week!


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Butterfly Kisses.

Pretty in blue.
Butterfly kisses.
 For a school field trip we went to Fredrick Meijer gardens :) I LOVE going to see the butterflies and spending time with my mom and little brother Jacob -Jacob does not like butterflies that much :/
Mom and butterfly
 My mom got one to land on her and she was ecstatic!

Today I FINALLY got to go out and take pictures :) It felt so amazing to edit and sit in front of my camera!
Fly love.
Result of today!


Monday, March 25, 2013


Sorry I haven't written since Thursday but we were having internet problems...

I don't post on Saturdays OR Sundays unless I have something in mind.
I have ALSO not had any chances to pull out my camera for a shoot :/

Coming this week March 30-April 5th I will be gone for a youth group missions trip C: I am SO excited and cannot wait!
I will post pictures and updates from my phone (If I get any service ;) But I will try my hardest to post!
 Thank you and I am very sorry :/


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Childs play!

I have heard from some other people/friends in photography how "Hard" it is to take pictures of kids, and what I have to say is, just let them do whatever and capture it! My niece is almost 2 and is the cutest thing ever to capture!!!
 My nephew Brayde (Oldest 7) is old enough now to understand what Aunt Ashley is doing and says Cheese and Burgers :)
 They are super fun to work with and all their funny faces!
And Parker (middle 4 almost 5) makes these funny faces and hides from most of my pictures ;)
 We had a fun snow day at my sisters house and all the kids were outside play and I had to catch the cute pink cheeks!
I love my Niece and nephews! They are so much fun to work with and will cry as they grow up with me! I can't believe how old and smarter they are getting, they ask questions and are curious!
Happy moments.

           We can all be a bit childish here and there but, we are who we are and no one can take that away from you.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Glow sticks C:

The light inside of me.
   If you ever have the chance to set up your camera on a tri-pod and have a wireless shutter... you should have some fun with glow sticks!
I asked my little brother one night if he wanted to, "Play with light?"  and of course he said yes :3 It is SO much fun! You just sit there and snap pictures while he sits there and throws the glow stick around.

Shooting stars.
In our house we don't really have one "Free" wall to take pictures angst so we made do :)
  You would not believe how much fun this is!
This is also fun to try with bike light up things that Flicker different colors, as below!

Fire fury.
Mindless madness.

Two's a party.
No matter if it is the 4th of July with sparklers and having fun or sitting in your living room goofing off with your brother, you can never go wrong with light painting!
Have fun!!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Photo Magic.

Too cold for angels to fly.
 You've seen those fancy, "Oh my gosh!" pictures no matter what Generation you've been living in.
I've gotten those, "How'd you do that?!" comments on Instagram and Facebook, it is oh so hard to explain how much effort and time it takes to erase and perfect those little imperfections!
I have seen SO many Youtube videos on "Magic" edits and double exposure and fancy lighting, which I find very helpful to direct people there :)

I love dressing up/dressing other people up, and going for a hike or set something up in my living room.
I love messing with make-up and paint.
Lighting is a major factor and can really mess you up or save your butt!
 In my /Too cold for angels to fly/ picture I darkened and highlighted some areas but mainly I like a darker picture VS. a lighter, playful double exposure. -Which I will try and play around with more this year!- 
In the palm of his hands.
Walking suitcases.

And sometimes lighting can be very tricky, for /Walking Suitcases/ I had to layer and curve to match the sun coming in, I'll explain how I did this one.

Listen up students ;) 
I took two pictures, (Camera on tripod and a wireless remote.) one of my super sweet suitcase and one with my legs.
I went on my editor, if you want an alternative to PS.- and uploaded the suitcase picture first and shrunk it a little, then added my own "Sticker" and uploaded my legs unto the picture and erased what wasn't needed :) 
Hope that helps! 

By myself.
 I know you've seen this picture before but I cannot believe how this turned out!
For this picture I went into layers and just layered them on top of each other and they fit perfectly!
 If you really want to get more into this kinda of photography I would suggest buying a wireless remote! It has saved my butt quite a few times!
You do have to be VERY careful on which you buy though! I read the reviews before I buy anything for my camera. -reading Directions does majorly help in figuring out how to use the darn thing xD-

 I would suggest this remote,
This is what I use for almost anything in where my camera should not move :)

Sleeping in bookcases.
 I love making and editing these photos, every little detail and the hardness makes it well worth it!!!
 Sleeping in bookcases was my favorite one to do, I had to lay on this tiny stool and lean forward to get the effect of me looking like I was in the book!
at average to edit these can vary, that dragon photo I did the other day took me 25 mins to just edit the dragon in there and about 5-10 mins to find a dragon with all the body parts in the picture! Uhm another 6-8 mins to curve and normal edit so about 43 mins round about?
No matter how difficult or easy, save your work! Even if you don't think its oh so amazing someone in the world will love it(: I definitely had to learn that the hard way when I was looking for a picture I thought was on Facebook but I didn't even save the picture!
Don't get disappointed and delete a master piece!

Want me to see your work? Pointers? Tips? Anything!
Instagram: ashley_dreamer
Twitter: @spaklylens


Monday, March 18, 2013


Since I found out that T-lights float I have been taking pictures of them... a lot.... Tehe C:

I love the Bokeh the t-lights give, and Focus is a big factor.
Can't forget Black and white!

Sorry I will write a real post tomorrow!

Friday, March 15, 2013

An overcast Day.

We try so hard sometimes to fit in, I try my hardest to stand out and be different!
 I do get very jealous when I see somebody who can do more or have access to something I may not have or can afford. I have a really hard time when someone says they joined photography because of me, I should be really happy but I'm not; I wasn't inspired by anyone to become a photography, I found out by buying my own camera and actually uncovering a hidden gift.
 I think one day while have lunch with my dad and aunt did I actually find out my great grandpa was into photography and developed his own film! Finding I had it in my genes was pretty awesome and made me even more confident in what I want my life to look like and what I am doing!

Today my mom drove my Great grandma, my younger brother and I out to Holland for a day out and some lunch at Boston Market, we ended up going to a Holland park.
  We were kind of rushed but that didn't stop me!
 There was actually a lot of people on the pier and ice over the lake, I really wanted to go into the water to take pictures but with a lot of ice that wasn't going to happen :)
 Jacob was excellent and modeled for me!
He looked very handsome trying to keep a straight face... I'll post the face he makes a lot below!
  It was cold and the first 20 shots I had my tripod safe on land- ;)- came out very very bright which frustrated me... but we fixed it and moved on!
   Today was amazing and I wold LOVE to go back again with my cousin Sam who has volunteered for my next experimental shoot in the cold!

Jacobs normal face when I take pictures.
Today reminded me of how thankful we can be for what we have.
 I got to go out to Holland beach and take pictures of my ludicrous brother ;)
I have an amazing camera and am so thankful for the money God provided me with to get it.
 And to my family, thanks so much for putting up with my constant, "Wait! Hold on, one more!"

  The pier.
The cold air filled her lungs, engulfing her like the waves ageist the rocks.
She hadn't brought her coat but she liked the cold.
A gust of wind hit her and nearly knocked her off the railing, she gripped the blue railing, her lifeline from falling in the water.
A man walked by like nothing had happened, he had a fishing pole and a bucket.
She caught his eye, "Hello." He said as he shuffled past, "Hi," She answers, "good luck!" She smiles as he hurries past her.
He looks over his shoulder, "Thank you."
That little encounter gave her hope, hope to still go on.

Life can slip through our fingers like sand in the breeze.



Thursday, March 14, 2013

New woodsy.

I love this picture for many reasons but I love how Simple it is! Lean on God and he will lead me and guide me.

I was just sitting on my laptop and I glanced up at the sun coming in and the sunset drew me outside for a quick minute!

Thank you God for an awesome sunset and fallen trees! 

Everything is precious and everything has life.

Snow camp

 I love photography and how I can express myself through pictures and how I capture memories.
For the past four years I have gone to a youth group camp during the Winter called Snow camp, this year I had a great week and take pictures of the candles we placed under the cross.
    I got dirty looks from the girls sitting next to it in their group, so I did not get some of the shots I wanted so I snapped a few shots a little disappointed and when I got home I fell in love these t-light!

                                   I love what I do and can't wait to grow in my photography.

I love getting those weird stares when I whip out my camera and get into weird positions to get that one shot I want.
Last year on a missions trip to Green Bay Wisconsin, my van group was laughing at me for taking my camera out and taking pictures of how the weather was, I am proud to be that girl who can't stop taking pictures of anything and everything!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New edits.

  Some new photos I have done in the past week! and my thoughts behind them.

 For this picture I was messing around with some settings on my editor.
I don't know I like having weird and out there photos.

This shoot was so much fun, I was cold which made it all the more worth it!
I have loved the old vintage blue and red feel/vibe.
Another accidental shot!

I randomly stuck out my hand and acted pretty tehe..... I had a cute idea of an animal -well Dragon- that I could edit in and well I had fun with this :)
best 25 mins ever!

Out of my mind.
The shy and out going, this is always fun!


Stanek wedding.

Today I am going to write about my brothers wedding!
My brother Sean and Sister Yeonju.
My sister -Tara- and I were planning the wedding and getting everything ready, we did not have the photography list until 2 weeks before the wedding.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into! Later at the rehearsal the sound booth guy -who also goes to the church we were at, Mike,- was a wedding photographer a while back and helped me with some lighting tricks and was a HUGE help!

I probably looked really silly at the rehearsal trying to figure out where I needed to be and all... oops.
But in the end I was comfortable with my placings.
My surroundings were a little hard to work with, -I.e. they kept all the instruments on the stage, trees and stools.-

So I am a month into editing and picking through pictures, everyday working and getting a little done here and there!!!

 My brother came in a year before the wedding, -They live in Korea.- and explained some important details to me.
I was not originally very excited about being the photographer, I wanted to be in the wedding.-naturally.-
But I sucked it up ;) and now I have some experience in my field.
My sister, -Yeonju.- was beautiful and was a great sport to my constant snapping pictures.

If you could go back would you do something different? Of course I would!
 I had fun and I cannot wait to get all the pictures done.

Niece Makenzie.
 We took a picture of the whole congregation, which went pretty well, only about 100 people?
   After the ceremony it was totally crazy! families waiting for there pictures and keeping track of who, what, when!
The kids were so cute and my niece -Pictured above- Makenzie was having a blast with her moms bouquet.
 They were a good sport and sat pretty still for me!

Tara and Sean
Tara and Yeonju.

I am so happy for Sean and Yeonju in their marriage together!
I had a great time at your ceremony and reception!
Tara looked beautiful and so was her family.
Sean looked very handsome in his Hanbok.
Yeonju looked amazing and beautiful in her dress.
Matt looked great.
I am very pleased to have been your photographer.

If you have any questions or want to book me, email me.