Saturday, January 30, 2016

Week 2.

I know this is late I'm so sorry... Traveling is difficult and makes me forget what day is which,
thanks for understanding....

Day 4, 1/24/2016.
Today we went to Downtown Disney, walked around and took pictures!
 Then we headed to an abandoned Motel only to find out, all of the abandon buildings around here are locked up with fences... Sigh :'(
So much sadness....

Jan 24 Sunday

Day 5, 1/25/2016.
Today was dedicated to the aquarium!
 I absolutely LOVE aquariums and took so so so many pictures!!
Was hard to choose just one!

Jan 25 Monday

Day 6, 1/26/2016.
So glad I got to go at the age I am now.
I probably wouldn't have enjoyed/appreciated it back then!
Out of the two rides I went on, they were amazing and short with HUGE lines.
We went in January, when kids and adults SHOULD be in school/work -_- NOPE.
I would hate to see what it's like during summer :/
I have fallen in love with butterbeer!
((My feet hurt :( ))

Jan 26 Tuesday
Day 7, 1/27/2016.
Lazy day :)
Dad and brother went to see a movie while ma and I shopped!
 Bought my first bathbomb, will post pictures of that when I get home.
Hot tub was amazing on this rainy day, in lieu of that, here's a rainy flower <3

Jan 27 Wednesday
Day 8, 1/28/2016.
Another day at Universal :)
EARLY morning, found out the park we wanted to get into early wasn't open early, so we headed to universal Studios to get Butterbeers :D
Another Rainy day that I looooooooooved :3
Jan 28 Thursday
 Day 9, 1/29/2016.
Today has been a travel day...
These past couple days are very lazy and they produce very lazy pictures.
So yeh :)
Tomorrow is also a travel day so here ya go!
Jan 29 Friday

Day 10, 1/30/2016.
Yes I know this is getting posted late, I got home and totally forgot about posting at a decent time :D Sorry... Travel day.
I finished, 'Looking for Alaska' By John Green, on the 30 min flight and cried... Thanks John Green.
Home is such a sweet, sweet thing.
Jan 30 Saturday!
"We'd failed, maybe, but some mysteries aren't meant to be solved." -Looking for Alaska.


Sunday, January 24, 2016


Today we headed to Downtown Disney (Disney Springs) for the first time in my life...
Orlando has been 40-50ish and cold with the wind.
Took a bunch of pictures there and then a few are from an abandoned Motel! 

Got mom and dad to model for me! >:)

Every white girl post ever... I pride myself on it being a smoothie!

Thanks! Remember; SATURDAY will be this week's pictures! Check back then :)


Short Week One!

So I want to post the 'Week after' On Saturdays.
What every Saturday will bring; Sunday-Saturday pictures/little journal input of how those days went or what not.
This week's will be from Thursday-Saturday! But will continue normally of pictures from Sunday-Saturday! Hope that made sense..

Day 1, 1/21/2016.
Mainly packing... Had a great birthday! Traveling tomorrow :D
Sorry for a VERY lazy first picture but I didn't have much time...

Jan 21 Thursday
Day 2, 1/22/2016.
Lots of traveling and running about in Airports.
 Just transferred all my phone pictures to my computer so I don't have 900+ pictures!
Jake and I went for a run after dinner and got to see the stars, so I got out the baby and took lots of pictures!

Jan 22 Friday

Day 3, 1/23/2016.
Was a lazy day today! Didn't do much and I'm okay with that!
 Little brother looking MIGHTY fine, if I do say so myself. :)

Jan 23 Saturday

Sorry I was confused on what day it was!
Will post this coming Saturday!!


Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sample Portraits

Whenever my best friend and I hang out we almost ALWAYS take pictures! :)
If you or someone you know needs pictures, please don't be afraid to let me know!
Will be adding some more old pictures to make this more portfolio-like.
Enjoy :)

My gorgeous bestie <3

Aren't we cuuuuuute!

Look at those amazing eyes!

My Canon bestie <3