Sunday, March 27, 2016

Week 10.

How do you guys feel about being 60 days in? Casually loving this :)

Day 60, 3/20/2k16.

So I got to do the most amazing thing ever! I've never been this happy in a long long time!

Day 60! - Sunday.

Day 61, 3/21/2k16.

"I just wanna scream and lose control
throw my hands up and let it go
forget about everything and runaway." -Unknown.
Day 61 - Monday

Day 62, 3/22/2k16.

Chewy likes to sit in her food while she eats...

Day 62 - Tuesday.

Day 63, 3/23/2k16.

That was a dream wasn't it? Had to be...

Day 63 - Wednesday.

Day 64, 3/24/2k16.

Today was amazing and it's on replay ^-^

Day 64 - Thursday.

Day 65, 3/25/2k16.

Remmie Bear!
Day 65 - Friday. 

Day 66, 3/27/2k16

Good morning 7:40AM!

Day 66 - Saturday.

     - Ashley <3

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