Thursday, January 21, 2016


So a couple years ago there was this "Cool project" Going around...
the 365 pictures project, where you take 1 picture a day.
Everytime I choose to do this it's on a leap year :')
SO, with that being said... I want to attempt this again!
Project 366 Here I come!!
I want to post them here, but not 1 post a day.
I may post once a week with all my pictures, with the date on them and a summery!
Cool? Cool...
So that would be 52 weeks/posts throughout the year along with extra shoots! Oh I'm so excited now :3

Sidenote... Attempting to save up for a new lens. With THAT being said...
If you or someone you know needs pictures ANYTHING I would love to be your girl!
Just email me at Coldfeetlove@gmail.Com :) or head over to my facebook page Ashley Christine Photography

Thank you,

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