Sunday, January 24, 2016

Short Week One!

So I want to post the 'Week after' On Saturdays.
What every Saturday will bring; Sunday-Saturday pictures/little journal input of how those days went or what not.
This week's will be from Thursday-Saturday! But will continue normally of pictures from Sunday-Saturday! Hope that made sense..

Day 1, 1/21/2016.
Mainly packing... Had a great birthday! Traveling tomorrow :D
Sorry for a VERY lazy first picture but I didn't have much time...

Jan 21 Thursday
Day 2, 1/22/2016.
Lots of traveling and running about in Airports.
 Just transferred all my phone pictures to my computer so I don't have 900+ pictures!
Jake and I went for a run after dinner and got to see the stars, so I got out the baby and took lots of pictures!

Jan 22 Friday

Day 3, 1/23/2016.
Was a lazy day today! Didn't do much and I'm okay with that!
 Little brother looking MIGHTY fine, if I do say so myself. :)

Jan 23 Saturday

Sorry I was confused on what day it was!
Will post this coming Saturday!!


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