Thursday, April 18, 2013

Begin Again.

She could go on and on and on in these woods and not get lost.
The lonely, dark eeriness made her feel alive.
Her heartbeat against her chest as she ran in circles, screaming, trying to get his name and face out of her head.
The fire she had built now contained old worn out combat boots, his army jacket and severely thousand letters bound in leather.
Beginnings and trust can become hard over time, never really knowing or seeking what we can become! Opening up to new people can open a new life.
Bare feet hitting the hardwood as she falls out of bed.
The hum of a fan chilling.
She stared at the pictures on the wall, his face burned from their pictures together.
The Polaroid above her bed, her hair falling over her shoulder as she laughed at him.

Puffy eyes, black sheets over the windows. 
Her heart wasn't into the sunshine anymore.
 The rusty scissors hit the counter as she held up what was left of her hair, all 24" completely gone, she had kept her promise after he hadn't kept his. 
Sweatpants and a loose shirt she didn't care how she looked anymore.

Weather faded lawn chairs and a glass of lemon-aid, best friends laughing at some lame joke.
It was beginning again.
Loving, opening and joyfulness... 
The tear stained pillows, burned photographs and old misery.

It was all behind her as she began living again.

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