Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The world through my macro lens.

When I woke up this morning I didn't really want to do anything, just lay in bed and be oblivious.
 I rolled over and looked out my window at the sky, blue and a cloud going by.
The moment I fell out of bed like every morning I knew I wanted to take pictures and I felt so eager to go outside; to do what I do best.

We planted these in the fall, waited all winter for them to bloom.
 Yesterday they bloomed, I was so excited to see what we were dying to see!

I ran inside to find my Macro "Add on" to get a better look.
Every time I run inside to my computer to look at the macro photos I had just taken, it blows my mind at the details I worked so hard to catch.
 The gold, purple and white colors.

I just laid in the grass looking for something to catch my eye.
 It was so nice out today, we spent half of the day outside working.

Macro is one of my favorites because of the details we so often miss when we are in the rush of life.
 It breaks my heart to be without my camera.

Love isn't always returned, 
most of the time we are left alone and helpless.

Broken hearted, 
God accepts us all.

Always on the run from the evil,
but turning around to wave at sorrow.
Finding heart in dire need,
kissing a loved one in trouble;
You're not alone Love.

Mistaken for a fool,
The only fool here is my heart,
Take it away, I don't need it anymore.

Shooting down stars in the night sky.
Making others tremble is what we're good at.
Beginning a new story,
ending the old.

Faking a smile,
forgetting how to breathe.
Remembering an old friend,

Fighting for the last heartbeat,

I am Faith in the beginning. 
I am knowing the Truth.
I am Joyfully returning.
I am acknowledging Love.
I own Self-Control.
I am not a lover of Evil.
I am the substance of Grace.
I am the being of Forgiveness.
I am healing Peace.
I am.

    Forever Love,

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