Saturday, April 20, 2013


  Lights sparkle, hair blowing in the wind.
Dark shapes, outlined flowers against the sunset.
  The stars start popping out making their debut for the night.
Blue flip flops and sun-bleached jeans don't make a statement but it was perfect for her.
 Daybreak, morning dew, it didn't compare to how he looked at her.
So perfect and understanding, he didn't think she was a monster, loving her and everything she had done.

A kiss on the forehead, a written love note, a glance across the room.
 Glistening rain in the night, a flash of lightning across the dark sky and rolls of thunder. Deep in the sheets and covers of a warm bed, the comforts of home within the arms of the one we love.
Like your favorite pair of shoes you can't get rid of, a secret crush no one knows about, it's that feeling of butterflies that make you feel alive and ready to love.

A cold finger plays with a necklace that once meant something, she rips it from her collarbone, throws it across the room; That child is no longer part of her life.
Sepia and a dark room can only bring someone so much happiness before you're drained again.
 Love isn't only just a four letter word it's an action.
God gives us love, to love others.
 Faith and hope will guide us through this beautiful broken world.
Butterfly kisses and small hints.
 A secret love can get you in trouble with yourself, "A broken heart," She tells herself, "this can only lead to heartache." and maybe... she's right.

Don't lose yourself in self pity, open to others who ask.
 Accept your past and fall into the future, forgive the ones who have hurt you to love the strangers you've met.
I don't know your story yet but I'll be here when you need me.
 Don't be afraid to love again.
I choose to fly, in the world that choose to crash.
Happy ever after didn't start, "In the perfect world of ____," it started with loneliness and heartache.

From one heartbeat to another,

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