Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Glow sticks C:

The light inside of me.
   If you ever have the chance to set up your camera on a tri-pod and have a wireless shutter... you should have some fun with glow sticks!
I asked my little brother one night if he wanted to, "Play with light?"  and of course he said yes :3 It is SO much fun! You just sit there and snap pictures while he sits there and throws the glow stick around.

Shooting stars.
In our house we don't really have one "Free" wall to take pictures angst so we made do :)
  You would not believe how much fun this is!
This is also fun to try with bike light up things that Flicker different colors, as below!

Fire fury.
Mindless madness.

Two's a party.
No matter if it is the 4th of July with sparklers and having fun or sitting in your living room goofing off with your brother, you can never go wrong with light painting!
Have fun!!


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