Friday, March 29, 2013

Umbrella/Nerf battle royal

I'm leaving tomorrow at 5:30 am for my youth group missions trip!
I am so so nervous and excited! I know I will have fun, I just have to battle satan first.
 Being away -far- away from home scares me... normally it doesn't but I am a little freaked out over this! 
I will only be posting short little posts due to I want to hang out with the people I am with on this trip...

So besides that, here's so new pictures!
Blown away.
We set up outside, nice and windy with my little brother Jacob and his Nerf gun and my umbrella!
So much fun, jumping off the chair and looking amazing!
Nerf battle!
I have so much fun playing around with lighting and Jacob doesn't like to model so it was short on his end!

Lots of fun,

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