Thursday, March 21, 2013

Childs play!

I have heard from some other people/friends in photography how "Hard" it is to take pictures of kids, and what I have to say is, just let them do whatever and capture it! My niece is almost 2 and is the cutest thing ever to capture!!!
 My nephew Brayde (Oldest 7) is old enough now to understand what Aunt Ashley is doing and says Cheese and Burgers :)
 They are super fun to work with and all their funny faces!
And Parker (middle 4 almost 5) makes these funny faces and hides from most of my pictures ;)
 We had a fun snow day at my sisters house and all the kids were outside play and I had to catch the cute pink cheeks!
I love my Niece and nephews! They are so much fun to work with and will cry as they grow up with me! I can't believe how old and smarter they are getting, they ask questions and are curious!
Happy moments.

           We can all be a bit childish here and there but, we are who we are and no one can take that away from you.


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