Thursday, March 28, 2013

Count me in with the dreamers.

 The other night I was looking out my window at the light coming in, I whipped out my camera, wireless shutter, suitcase and my tripod!
 I think my favorite "Prop" to shoot with is a suitcase!! :)
I am really excited to try and find a trunk or a REALLY big fish tank for props!

 I just bought this peach dress a couple of days ago and I could not wait to use it!
It was warmer then expected and I didn't freeze, (Thank goodness!) I am so thankful for Goodwill!!! <3

Hiding behind love, love lies.
 This photo is basically based off of a Brooke Shaden picture, I LOVE her work and I can now appreciate how much work goes into these edits!
The wind was a little hard to work with but in the end just had to deal with it...

I love over doing my pictures but most people don't like the feel of "Over edited" I am OK with this though!
 Hope you had a great week!


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