Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Photo Magic.

Too cold for angels to fly.
 You've seen those fancy, "Oh my gosh!" pictures no matter what Generation you've been living in.
I've gotten those, "How'd you do that?!" comments on Instagram and Facebook, it is oh so hard to explain how much effort and time it takes to erase and perfect those little imperfections!
I have seen SO many Youtube videos on "Magic" edits and double exposure and fancy lighting, which I find very helpful to direct people there :)

I love dressing up/dressing other people up, and going for a hike or set something up in my living room.
I love messing with make-up and paint.
Lighting is a major factor and can really mess you up or save your butt!
 In my /Too cold for angels to fly/ picture I darkened and highlighted some areas but mainly I like a darker picture VS. a lighter, playful double exposure. -Which I will try and play around with more this year!- 
In the palm of his hands.
Walking suitcases.

And sometimes lighting can be very tricky, for /Walking Suitcases/ I had to layer and curve to match the sun coming in, I'll explain how I did this one.

Listen up students ;) 
I took two pictures, (Camera on tripod and a wireless remote.) one of my super sweet suitcase and one with my legs.
I went on my editor, -Picmonkey.com if you want an alternative to PS.- and uploaded the suitcase picture first and shrunk it a little, then added my own "Sticker" and uploaded my legs unto the picture and erased what wasn't needed :) 
Hope that helps! 

By myself.
 I know you've seen this picture before but I cannot believe how this turned out!
For this picture I went into layers and just layered them on top of each other and they fit perfectly!
 If you really want to get more into this kinda of photography I would suggest buying a wireless remote! It has saved my butt quite a few times!
You do have to be VERY careful on which you buy though! I read the reviews before I buy anything for my camera. -reading Directions does majorly help in figuring out how to use the darn thing xD-

 I would suggest this remote, www.amazon.com/Aputure-Coworker-Wireless
This is what I use for almost anything in where my camera should not move :)

Sleeping in bookcases.
 I love making and editing these photos, every little detail and the hardness makes it well worth it!!!
 Sleeping in bookcases was my favorite one to do, I had to lay on this tiny stool and lean forward to get the effect of me looking like I was in the book!
at average to edit these can vary, that dragon photo I did the other day took me 25 mins to just edit the dragon in there and about 5-10 mins to find a dragon with all the body parts in the picture! Uhm another 6-8 mins to curve and normal edit so about 43 mins round about?
No matter how difficult or easy, save your work! Even if you don't think its oh so amazing someone in the world will love it(: I definitely had to learn that the hard way when I was looking for a picture I thought was on Facebook but I didn't even save the picture!
Don't get disappointed and delete a master piece!

Want me to see your work? Pointers? Tips? Anything!
Email: coldfeetlove@gmail.com
Instagram: ashley_dreamer
Twitter: @spaklylens


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