Friday, March 15, 2013

An overcast Day.

We try so hard sometimes to fit in, I try my hardest to stand out and be different!
 I do get very jealous when I see somebody who can do more or have access to something I may not have or can afford. I have a really hard time when someone says they joined photography because of me, I should be really happy but I'm not; I wasn't inspired by anyone to become a photography, I found out by buying my own camera and actually uncovering a hidden gift.
 I think one day while have lunch with my dad and aunt did I actually find out my great grandpa was into photography and developed his own film! Finding I had it in my genes was pretty awesome and made me even more confident in what I want my life to look like and what I am doing!

Today my mom drove my Great grandma, my younger brother and I out to Holland for a day out and some lunch at Boston Market, we ended up going to a Holland park.
  We were kind of rushed but that didn't stop me!
 There was actually a lot of people on the pier and ice over the lake, I really wanted to go into the water to take pictures but with a lot of ice that wasn't going to happen :)
 Jacob was excellent and modeled for me!
He looked very handsome trying to keep a straight face... I'll post the face he makes a lot below!
  It was cold and the first 20 shots I had my tripod safe on land- ;)- came out very very bright which frustrated me... but we fixed it and moved on!
   Today was amazing and I wold LOVE to go back again with my cousin Sam who has volunteered for my next experimental shoot in the cold!

Jacobs normal face when I take pictures.
Today reminded me of how thankful we can be for what we have.
 I got to go out to Holland beach and take pictures of my ludicrous brother ;)
I have an amazing camera and am so thankful for the money God provided me with to get it.
 And to my family, thanks so much for putting up with my constant, "Wait! Hold on, one more!"

  The pier.
The cold air filled her lungs, engulfing her like the waves ageist the rocks.
She hadn't brought her coat but she liked the cold.
A gust of wind hit her and nearly knocked her off the railing, she gripped the blue railing, her lifeline from falling in the water.
A man walked by like nothing had happened, he had a fishing pole and a bucket.
She caught his eye, "Hello." He said as he shuffled past, "Hi," She answers, "good luck!" She smiles as he hurries past her.
He looks over his shoulder, "Thank you."
That little encounter gave her hope, hope to still go on.

Life can slip through our fingers like sand in the breeze.



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