Thursday, March 14, 2013

Snow camp

 I love photography and how I can express myself through pictures and how I capture memories.
For the past four years I have gone to a youth group camp during the Winter called Snow camp, this year I had a great week and take pictures of the candles we placed under the cross.
    I got dirty looks from the girls sitting next to it in their group, so I did not get some of the shots I wanted so I snapped a few shots a little disappointed and when I got home I fell in love these t-light!

                                   I love what I do and can't wait to grow in my photography.

I love getting those weird stares when I whip out my camera and get into weird positions to get that one shot I want.
Last year on a missions trip to Green Bay Wisconsin, my van group was laughing at me for taking my camera out and taking pictures of how the weather was, I am proud to be that girl who can't stop taking pictures of anything and everything!

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