Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Stanek wedding.

Today I am going to write about my brothers wedding!
My brother Sean and Sister Yeonju.
My sister -Tara- and I were planning the wedding and getting everything ready, we did not have the photography list until 2 weeks before the wedding.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into! Later at the rehearsal the sound booth guy -who also goes to the church we were at, Mike,- was a wedding photographer a while back and helped me with some lighting tricks and was a HUGE help!

I probably looked really silly at the rehearsal trying to figure out where I needed to be and all... oops.
But in the end I was comfortable with my placings.
My surroundings were a little hard to work with, -I.e. they kept all the instruments on the stage, trees and stools.-

So I am a month into editing and picking through pictures, everyday working and getting a little done here and there!!!

 My brother came in a year before the wedding, -They live in Korea.- and explained some important details to me.
I was not originally very excited about being the photographer, I wanted to be in the wedding.-naturally.-
But I sucked it up ;) and now I have some experience in my field.
My sister, -Yeonju.- was beautiful and was a great sport to my constant snapping pictures.

If you could go back would you do something different? Of course I would!
 I had fun and I cannot wait to get all the pictures done.

Niece Makenzie.
 We took a picture of the whole congregation, which went pretty well, only about 100 people?
   After the ceremony it was totally crazy! families waiting for there pictures and keeping track of who, what, when!
The kids were so cute and my niece -Pictured above- Makenzie was having a blast with her moms bouquet.
 They were a good sport and sat pretty still for me!

Tara and Sean
Tara and Yeonju.

I am so happy for Sean and Yeonju in their marriage together!
I had a great time at your ceremony and reception!
Tara looked beautiful and so was her family.
Sean looked very handsome in his Hanbok.
Yeonju looked amazing and beautiful in her dress.
Matt looked great.
I am very pleased to have been your photographer.

If you have any questions or want to book me, email me.


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